Fat Horse Adventures

Fat Horse Adventures

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I’m Back, and Here to Stay


Well guys, after months of surviving my attempts to kill myself, trying and succeeding at finding a job, and ruining most of my friendships, especially one of the most important ones I had, I have decided to come back and draw once again.

Things on the Agenda:

  1. Continuing Fat Horse Adventure
  2. Drawing More Ponies Horses
  3. Drawing More Furries and Humans
  4. Drawing More Fan Art
  5. An Art Stream Every Wednesday[My Only Day Off]

It’s nice to be back. I hope I can make you guys happy with my craft. 

Going to be streaming this afternoon, sometime around 2 pm or 3 pm PST.

Yeeep. That’s a thing that’s happening.

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Ask Smolder #4

I really do wonder if the Cakes are doing okay in their marriage…

(Gah… Sorry for taking so long with this one. Been having a bad time as of late, but whatever. It’s not important. Anywho, I just realized that I positioned 4 of the pages facing to the left with a variation of the 3/4 face view and I can’t draw a proper blush… Gosh, I am such a sucky artist… T^T)

(Keep the questions coming <3)

(Oh Yeah… I inadvertently Answered this question before it came into my ask box -3-)

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Ask Smolder #2

Th-That’s a rational train of thought right?

(So, he continues on. But who or what are these mysterious voices in his head? You guys, obviously :p

I’ve decided to have Smolder answer you guys in this way because it makes for decent comedy, and a bit of other things… Hahaha.

Anyway, it took quite a bit of fiddling to get that sunset right… Oh well… I hope you all enjoyed this update.)

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